homeopathy tirta usada baliWhat is Raindrop Technique?
Raindrop Techinque (RDT) is a powerful technique using 100% pure certified medicinal grade essential oils that was developed by D. Gary Young in the 1980s. Raindrop technique is based on the theory that viruses and bacteria lie dormant along the spine, where they create inflamation, contort the spinal column and can impair internal organs and the nervous system. Raindrop technique combines several modalities designed to bring balance and transformation, equalizes the frequencies of the body and mind, synergizing electrical frequencies and supporting body systems at a physical and emotional level. The three modalities that combine to form Raindrop Technique are:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Vitaflex Technique
  • Feather Stroke

What are the benefits of Raindrop Technique?

  • Balance and re-align structural and electrical in the whole body
  • Aid the body’s natural responses to irritation, allergy and injury
  • Help detox the body systems
  • Eliminate viruses, bacteria and inflamation
  • Eases muscle discomfort after exercise
  • Strong emotional releases can sometimes occur
  • and many more

Practitioner : Gede Bayu Permadi, S.Kes.H