Tirta-Usada-healing-center-TeamTirta Usada is a center of holistic medicine based on the work of Tjokorda Gde. Our center is based on 3 main areas : holistic clinic, teaching center, and research and development center. Founded in Campuhan, the land where two sacred rivers meet in the village of Ubud, our location has long been considered a place of healing and spiritual cleansing for generations of Balinese. It is from these lands that we draw inspiration and the healing energy of the land and water.

After years of studying and practicing homeopathic medicine and combining this method with other holistic traditions, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Holistic Nutrition, Kinesiology, and Usada Bali, it became apparent that a synergistic system combining these methods would bring the best results for patients and clients into the future.

Our aim is to bring together healing modalities that are in line with truly holistic principles and sustainability, that empower each client to attain greater health, peace, happiness, and productivity through the natural built-in ability of each body.

Apart from holistic treatment we also offer short courses to empower and enrich our client′s healing journey including Homeopathic Home Prescribing, Usada Bali Plant Medicine, and other workshops.